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Unit Testing Using Packages testthat and devtools

R unit testing using packages testthat and devtools Unit testing in R can be performed using the R packages testthat and devtools. The packages testthat and devtools provide functions for implementing unit testing in R. The package testthat provides functions for implementing unit tests for other R functions. The unit... [Read More]

Interactive Plots In R

Interactive Plots in R Interactive Plots in R 2016-07-05 12:00:00 Publishing R Markdown documents containing interactive plots One of the advantages of writing R Markdown documents is that they can be compiled into HTML documents, which can incorporate interactive plots. This post is an R Markdown document that was compiled... [Read More]

Publishing documents in R

R document publishing for reproducible research An R document is a file containing: plain text combined with markup code, formulas, and R code chunks. Publishing an R document means compiling it into an easily readable pdf or HTML file, together with tables and plots produced from executing the R code... [Read More]

Hello World!

I finally took the time to set up my home page on GitHub Unfortunately it forced me to learn more about coding in HTML, CSS, YAML, and liquid than I ever cared to know. Fortunately I discovered a decent amount of blogs and tutorials online to be able to set... [Read More]